About ScanSoc

The Cambridge University Scandinavian Society (ScanSoc) was originally formed in 1932 “to further the knowledge of Scandinavian culture and to promote intercourse between British and Scandanavian students”. 

What do we do today? 

To this day we still aim to fulfill the original goal. We arrange a wide array of events such as brunches, film screenings, formals, swaps, speaker events and, of course, parties and other social events. We try to further the knowledge of Scandinavian culture, but first and foremost to create a social space for Scandinavians and Scan-fans alike.


The Committee

Frida Winzell - President
Kaja Mazarino Håkonsen - Treasurer
Lina Norder - Sponsorship Officer & Secretary
Edwin Bahrami Balani - Publicity & Events Officer
Naman Habtom - Events Officer
Mathilde Foged Jensen - Events Officer
Rebecca Vestager - Events Officer